Mr. Shivaji Adhalrao, CEO & President

Semiconductors Junction Inc. (SJI) was established in the United States of America in 2001. SJI has been visible in major markets such as Europe, Asia and North America. One of the first enterprises of its kind in the West Coast, SJI is a fully owned subsidiary of Dynalog India Limited . 

Dynalog is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Microprocessor training kits  with exports of Microprocessor Kits to UK, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Turkey and Ireland. 
Dynalog also has a focus in the field of Add-on Cards to acquire and control Real - World Signals and is also known for their solution to the problem of PC functioning in hostile environments of the shop floors. Dynalog's Open-architecture format in alliance with Advantech the world famous ISO 9001 & 14001 certified company, introduced industrial PC series which could work accurately in the most hostile environment condition be it temperature, dust pollution or electromagnetic noise.

SJI has a focus in import and export on a wholesale scale with markets in the United States , Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia. We have a vast network of reliable overseas contacts, local sourcing, and O.E.M excess inventories that assists us in getting you quality product at reasonable prices. Most products are available to ship to you within one to two business days in the U.S. or within three to five days from overseas. Additionally we have overseas development center focusing on Embedded System Development. We firmly believe that, in addition to technology and profits, we have a debt to pay to our Nation.

Social Commitment in India
We have adopted a village called Landewadi in rural Maharashtra and have focused our attention on areas like basic education by opening an English medium school, financing the needy farmers through Co-op Credit Society and further we support the activities of National Center for Rural Development like Medical Assistance, Agricultural Development, Vocational Guidance and so on to ensure bright and confident future generation.


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