Services Overview

We offer dependable services and support as we are staffed with highly experienced personnel. Quality Customer Service is our foremost priority. We also offer excellent services in prototype development and manufacturing of embedded systems.

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Producing Measurable Results

Our India-based Research, Development and Manufacturing facility is equipped with highly qualified engineers from premium institutions and with ultra modern laboratories. Quality standard like ISO 9001 is being implemented for providing services to thousands of end users nation wide and to international market.

· PC Add-on cards
· Rugged Computer work stations
· Communication Servers
System Integration
· Developing device drivers for various operating systems
· Product development especially for Rugged environment
· Customization e.g. LabView, SCADA.
Embedded Development
· Microprocessor / Micro-controller based system development
· Real Time Operating Systems
· Windows CE, QNX, PSOS


We have a large inventory of products from Harris, Analog Devices, Motorola, IDT, Xilinx,Texas Instruments, National Semiconductors, Maxim, Cypress, Fairchild, Signetics, Linear Tech, MIT, MMI, AMD, Teledyne, Toshiba, Sprague, HP, Intel, Dallas, Datel, Xicor, Zilog, Phillips, GI, Seeq, Siemens, ST Micro, NEC, Ray, RCA, Rockwell, TFK, Thompson, WSI and many other manufacturers.